• Female : European
    Age : 7

  • Male : Asian
    Age : 29

  • Female : Asian
    Age : 22

  • Female : American
    Age : 56

  • Female : European
    Age : 65

WowDemo Open API - Demographic

Demographic detection service with the AI model

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WhyWowDemo ?

When it comes to demographics including gender, age, and ethnicity, we have AI models that specialize in identifying that particular individual. Our services can be adapted to a wide range of businesses, such as applying market segmentation strategy, or categorizing market needs into smaller groups that will help your business market with the right audience, the right direction, and have more chances of getting the results you expect.


We used the FaceNet Model to enhance the age range of portrait data sets to make the model more accurate and cover variations in gender, age, and ethnicity.

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