Transforming complex data into success around the world

With vigorous computer visions and best-in-class solutions supported by our strong Japanese partner, we offer end-to-end tailored solutions across all digital transformation stages from basic to advanced level. Through our holistic approach, we combine cutting-edge technology with in-depth business understanding to deliver actionable, impactful and measurable values for the next level of your business success.

Make your data WOW

No two businesses are alike, but all can benefit from the game-changing power of data. We deliver client-tailored solutions for every type of business that help you achieve your goals.

Customized Solutions and Consulting Services

Give your business a competitive edge with help from our multi-disciplinary team. We can assist you with everything from data analysis to deep tech. Whatever the size and scope of your company, we can create a solution that seamlessly fits your needs, increases the efficiency of your data analysis, and improves the bottom line of your company.


Our Services

Data Operations
We offer a wide range of data solutions from our data science company in Thailand, including data architecture and planning, data engineering, data analytics, and gathering or labeling data.
Machine Learning Model Development
Does your company already have significant amounts of data? We can transform your data into a machine learning model that utilizes AI in your analysis processes for increased efficiency.
AI Solution Development
Forget limiting off-the-shelf products. We can work with you to develop tailored AI solutions that meet your business’s unique needs. By partnering with a data science consultant in Bangkok, you don’t have to rely on an overseas consultant to solve your problems in Thailand.
Consulting and Training
As an AI software development company in Thailand, we can become your partner in data and AI on a case-by-case basis or by retainer. By partnering with us, you’ll always have immediate access to our wealth of knowledge and solutions to address your data needs. We also provide in-house deep tech support to help your AI team perform their job efficiently.

Our clients

Together we can succeed

Why Data Wow?

Best-in-Class solution
  • Keep up to date to the “best” at a time
  • Well-craft solutions for your business' needs
  • Data-driven strategies to maximize business success.
End-to-End service
  • From readiness assessment to model deployment, we facilitate you one-by-one
  • Holistic approach to understand every stage of actual needs
Basic to Advance at ease
  • Apply best tech & tools across all industries
  • Wide range of services covering all your needs
  • From scratch to hatch
Domain expert support
  • Feedback and validation by best technical and business talents
  • Data experts to help define what matters.
  • Work fast, work smart
  • Professionals from various industries

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