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Data Wow makes the AI API system accessible to you with no charge. Our API is a service that allows developers to analyze images as needed; whether it is a Demographic Detection Service of the individual in the image, Image-to-text Conversion Service, or Data Labeling in images or videos, etc. By this means, you will be able to see results in real-time. Do not hesitate to take our services to further your business.

  • OCR


    A conversion of image into machine-readable text service with high quality AI, only using your scans of ID card, passport or driving license etc. The system will digitize printed texts into a format where you can edit electronically. OCR will not only help you reduce the time to manually fill in one letter at a time, but also increase the accuracy of work even more.

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  • Demographic


    A service to detect gender, age and ethnicity of people with AI models. By applying FaceNet Model to enhance with a data set of people of different ages, it allows the development of the model to be accurate and cover the variation of each factor.

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  • Object detection and Image Classifier API

    Object detection and Image Classifier API

    A platform service where you are able to label your data and analyse objects in the image or video. Our system enables easy management and reduces time to classify raw data. It will also increase the efficiency of work in a comprehensive way, especially for complex and data-intensive tasks.

    Object detection and Image Classifier APITry demo

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