About Data Wow

We’re an AI startup on a mission to change the world with data. We believe that data-driven technology can transform our lives for the better, and we are out to WOW everyone with our innovative solutions.

Our core values

Here at Data Wow, we believe in a world driven by data and enhanced by machine learning — and we’re committed to making that a reality. We provide ready-to-use Software as a Service (SaaS) encompassing everything from a data labeling tool to a micro-task platform for clients to request online chores without hiring staff to save time and money. We also develop client-tailored AI solutions for repeatable tasks like content moderation or image classification.


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Customer Experience
We understand the importance of customer experience, and that’s why we work hard to earn and maintain your trust. We believe in entering a partnership — working collaboratively together to improve business outcomes. We love a good challenge and are prepared to go the extra mile.
High Standards
We are only as good as our last project. We continue to raise the bar and drive our team to create genuinely innovative products, services, and processes. We are not interested in temporary Band-Aid solutions and quick fixes. We are dedicated to your long-term, sustainable success.
We believe a win for the client is a win for us. We’ve built a customer-centric culture that allows us to uplift team members, work collaboratively, share ideas, help each other, and work proactively to develop a solution that benefits us all.
Honesty and Respect
We value honesty and respect. We are direct, transparent, and self-critical. We benchmark our team against the best and the best only.
Speed and Action
We know that you’re busy, and we respect your deadlines. We have the confidence and courage to make fast, informed decisions with calculated risk. We aren’t just thinkers — we believe in taking meaningful action.
Technology is constantly evolving. We are lifelong learners that keep up with the latest innovations and best practices. Our curiosity drives our passion.

Our Culture

We work quickly yet mindfully. We engage in debate, but we listen to others’ points of view. We believe every mistake is an opportunity to learn, to grow. We are a team, and no one gets left behind. Join us on this rewarding journey.

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