6 Ways To Boost Customer Experience With The Use Of Artificial Intelligence

AI in Industries

It's been decades since IBM's Deep Blue computer played the world champion Kasparov at chess. Artificial intelligence can no longer be called a new or emerging technology when it's something we put to use every day.

Statistics on Artificial Intelligence say that only about 15 to 20% of companies are using AI to their benefit.

Artificial intelligence is a proven way to better customer experience, automate administrative tasks and boost what your business can do. A smart system can ensure the running of a much smoother business.

Still, many brands and companies have never even thought of AI as a possible answer to their problems.

If you've never integrated AI into your business, you won't know what it can do.

Is your business using AI yet?

Here are 6 ways to boost customer experience with the use of AI.

Why AI?

Let's say that you needed to get information over to an employee or client.

Would you mail them a letter the old way, or would you prefer to send them an e-mail instead?

E-mail is the fastest, most effective way of information transfer between the two. If not, it would take weeks to achieve the same goal of getting the same message through.

AI can be called a way of information transfer and data analytics.

It's a more effective way of going through data manually. The same goals would be achieved, but humans take longer and are more prone to errors.

Why AI? Hell, why not?

An AI development team can create a system that's made for your individual needs. Whether your business requires a focus on pattern analysis or customer engagement, a suitable smart assistant or chatbot can be created to match you.

More specifically, let's get to what AI can accomplish for smoother, better business.

1. AI For Customer Analytics

Knowing your customer is one of the number one rules of basic business. A business that understands their customers better has a profile of who they're marketing to – and when the marketing techniques have to adapt.

Artificial intelligence is used to going through vast amounts of data in just a fraction of a second. A computerized system can even be taught which data to look for.

It even allows a glimpse into their future behaviors based on their actions on your site in the past.

AI allows you to know more about your customers than you ever thought you could.

2. AI-Driven Suggestions

An online business bases a lot of its success on how long users spend clicking around on the site. How they click influences what they buy.

How do websites like Amazon know which products are likely next clicks?

Tags like See More, Also Bought With and Product Suggestions all describe systems that are powered by artificial intelligence.

Smart suggestions can take your website to a whole new level. It turns out that AI can do a lot more than predict what customers are doing; it can help direct them to the right places.

3. AI Interaction

Chatbots are becoming an increased sight in the business world.

An intelligent chat system can be applied to many places in the average business. It can be used as a site greeter – and proof says this can help to put customers at ease when visiting.

AI can also be trained to deal with basic customer service queries.

Blending AI and customer support isn't about cutting humans out, but about making their jobs easier. When a chatbot acts as your front-of-house, it saves time and money – and human customer support can focus on being helpful instead of redirecting calls.

4. AI Automation

There are many processes moving in and outside your business that can be automated.

Again, it's not a question of removing humans from the chain, but instead making their jobs easier to complete.

Stock orders, tech support, status updates... There are a thousand more examples of things AI can automate – and with some direction from human input, it can be customized to fit what your business needs most. AI can be used to automate most things.

Introducing AI to your business can give you more time to deal with the essentials of your business, like how to keep customers happier.

5. AI Assistance

Artificial assistants are more than just the Walmart greeters of the internet.

Instead of acting only as virtual frontline staff, an AI assistant can also be set up to complete more complex tasks.

This can be useful for owners and clients both.

Modern AI assistants can be taught to take phone calls on your behalf, and that's just a single example.

How much time are you spending on the wrong thing?

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