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What is Face Recognition Software and How Does it Work?

No two people on earth have exactly the same face, not even identical twins. Each face has certain variations to it that can be used to identify individuals by a face recognition algorithm. This algorithm is programmed to use biometrics to pick up the slightest variation in faces.

Biometrics is using natural deviations in a human face to ‘map’ the face. By this process of mapping, it assigns points to all the recognizable variations in a human face. By comparing these points to an existing database, it is able to place a name to the face, as long as the face was previously in the database.

Two Parts to the System

There are two parts to any facial recognition system. The first part is the scanner. The scanner uses images provided by a video or still camera to scan the images for faces and then map the faces it finds in the images.

This means that the camera you use to hook up to the facial recognition system has to deliver a high-resolution image. The higher the resolution, the more accurate the results of the facial recognition system. The facial recognition algorithm can only work with the quality of the images it receives.

The second part of the equation is the facial recognition software that is connected to both the camera and a database. The software performs the work of identifying the face among the database of existing faces. If it finds a match, it can then be programmed to trigger an alert.

The best facial recognition software can also be programmed to recognize objects as well as faces. If a store doesn’t allow outside bags or backpacks into the store, for instance, the software can be programmed to send out an alert if it picks up either of these items. Security can also be enhanced by the ability of the software to identify the shapes of weapons and alert security forces to respond.

Wide Variety of Applications

Facial recognition has a lot of applications, from security to human resources applications, to marketing.

The security aspects of the systems are used by governments, police forces, private companies, and airports to constantly be on the lookout for known criminals whose faces have been entered into a central database.

The human resources aspects of facial recognition can monitor employees to ensure that they are where they are supposed to be between working hours. They can also be used to make sure an employee has attended a meeting or training session by taking a virtual roll-call of the attendees.

Marketers can use facial recognition to identify regular customers or big spenders to their stores and give them special attention, like personalized greetings or extra discounts. They can also use it to identify the different demographics of their shoppers.

What is the Best Face Recognition Software?

The best face recognition software is the most versatile and adaptable software for a given enterprise application. It’s facial recognition software that can be customized to fill all the needs of an organization, whether it’s from the government or private sector.

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