The Wowers: What is it like to be a Data Scientist at Data Wow?

Life at Data Wow

We’re going to introduce you to the life of working with Data Wow so you could see how wow it is to be a part of our company! Meet one of the Wowers, Sorn. He’s here to tell you about his life as a Data Scientist.

Q: Please introduce yourself, what’s your position in Data Wow? and why are you interested in working in this field?

A: Hello, I’m Sorn. I’ve been working as a computer vision data scientist with Data Wow for almost a year. I used to work as a structured data scientist before. However, I want to try working with unstructured data too, and that’s why I chose computer Vision. I’m interested in this field because I think this job uses a lot of Mathematical systems such as Stats and Calculus that I’ve learned. I find it’s very WOW and there’re always new things to learn. It’s fun.

life at Data Wow

Q: So, What do you do as a Data Scientist at Data Wow? Does the job meet your needs? Is it what you’re looking for?

A: As a Data Scientist at Data Wow, my job is divided into 2 parts; internal and external parts. For the internal part, My team has to implement the AI system for our parent company’s social network in Japan, and my job is to do the content moderation that detects inappropriate pictures like nudity, guns, and illegal stuffs in the application. The internal job is continuous so I have to keep doing new research to find new techniques to improve the performance which I think it’s very enjoyable. The External part is the outsource projects from Thai customers which we have to finish the project within the deadline which is very short compared to the internal job. Sometimes, we have to finish the project in 2 or 4 weeks after receiving the data, so we have to choose the best solution and develop it as fast as we can. It’s quite challenging. The internal part is also challenging because we have to keep finding the better solution even when we feel like we are at a dead-end, we still have to find a new way to move forward. Both internal and external jobs are challenging in their own ways.

Being a part of Data wow, I have a chance to work with what I like, in this case, Deep Learning. Also, there are many various jobs from many various customers. In some projects, we’ve got plenty of time to research to improve the performance. Our company has enough resources such as server, cloud, and hardware provided to support Deep Learning. Data Wow also has various data provided for us because our parent company is a social network company. It makes us exponentially improved and enjoy the working environment. I can say that working with Data Wow meets my needs that’s why I choose to work here.

Q: How's it like working with your team in Data Wow?

A: Our team is pretty close because we’re at the same age. Everybody’s friendly. We have many things in common to discuss all the time. We’re always on our Discord so even when we are working from home we still always talk. The most important thing is that everyone in my team is very smart, being around them makes me want to improve myself and that’s a good thing. I’m ok with the atmosphere in our team.

Q: It’s been a while since we worked at the office. Do you miss the office? What do you miss the most?

A: Yes, I miss the office. I miss it when I got to play games with my coworkers. I also miss the Chair. We have ergonomic chairs at our office. It’s very comfortable and it feels expensive. I also miss free snack benefits. As, I want more chocolate and sweets; they help me re-energize.

Q: What makes Data Wow different from others?

A: To compare Data Wow with others in the Data Science field, servers at Data Wow are better, also the hardware. The job is challenging. The most important thing is the company’s structure that supports our job in the data science field. We don’t have to do much multitasking work since we have our own moderator team to help preparing, validating and labeling the data that we want which can label more than 10,000 pictures per week. This is our advantage. We can focus more on our model. The company and our CEO, P Ton, are very supportive. If we want a Jetson board or server with a new GPU, P ton never denies.

Q: Can you describe working with Data wow in a short term?

A: Fun jobs, good team, friendly coworkers, get work on the right jobs that I want to work. Very supportive company. That’s it.

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