Automative Inspection Solution

Most manufacturing processes go through product inspection to ensure the product meets quality check specifications. Data and AI can streamline this process, saving time and resources.

Business Challenges

Humans make mistakes. It is commonly acknowledged that most of the inaccuracy are due to human errors. Specifically manufacturing industry, human errors could be mislabeling the product, placing items in a wrong part, or even having a poor training. One needs to keep in mind that only small mistakes can lead to big disasters and nobody want to risk that.


We have an AI to automatically inspect the production line and alert stakeholders when there are defects. Additionally, by having an AI automation, it is not only helping detect the inadequacy but also improving worker safety as well.


  • A camera equipped with advanced computer vision algorithms to detect whether there are defects in the production line.


  • Elimination of manual, mundane work
  • Reduction of human inspection error

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