Customer Recognition

In modern economic landscape, customers are flooded with choices, where firms compete hard to stand out and give the customer the best customer experience possible. Firms that have the most insight about customers at a personal level have an edge because they know exactly the spending behaviors of all their customers, which makes it extremely predictable what they are about to buy next.

Business Challenges

With thousands of customers visiting a shop daily, it is impossible for firms to know who their customers are, or what they bought the last time they visited which makes it difficult to predict and forecast their behaviour in a future time.


Deep Learning has achieved what people believed to be impossible. It is now possible for firms to know who walks into their store, what did they buy last time, and what they are likely to buy this time.


  • A facial recognition system that recognizes the person who walks into the store in real time. Not only is the customer recognized, but the system also stores the customer's past spendings, giving real-time insights of every shopper in the store.


Product recommendation is more personalized and customers have a happier shopping experience.

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