Security Alert

Mass shootings are a significant problem. We developed a system that detects when someone takes out a weapon in your store and automatically alerts the security officer.

Business Challenges

Violence happens all around the world. In Thailand, we have seen several gun violence incidents that led to terror and death. This is followed by a reduction in customer for a given business. Further, if you are selling valuable assets such as gold, then there is a high risk of being robbed.


A CCTV that is equipped with a computer vision system to detect objects in the video. It is trained especially to detect guns and knives in CCTV images. The system is connected to the WIFI, and sends an alert to security/anti-terrorism officers to take immediate action.


  • A CCTV
  • A box of GPU-enabled computer that is connected to the CCTV


  • Stores will feel safer.
  • Employees at the stores will feel safer
  • Security officers can react to incidents faster, which could save lives

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