Store Analytics

Store analytics can help spot problems and improve the capacity management of any shops, which leads to better customer satisfaction and better crisis management.

Business Challenges

During business hours, it is impossible for the store manager to know exactly how many people are in line - do they have enough employees to clear the queue? Are people happy with the service? Traditional solution would be to have a manager come and eyeball the store for the whole duration, which is a correction, but not a long-term solution.


Store video analytics can help to identify the number of people in the line, the number of employees active, the number of utensils ready, and the number of people entering and leaving the store.


  • A dashboard that you can monitor remotely all the real time statistics of your interest
  • A report that can be exported so you get the summary of what happens within a period of time


  • You will know what time of the day needs 1, 2, 3, or 4 employees.
  • Mapping this with the sales data, you will know exactly the number of orders people buy per foot fall (or the dollars per foot fall).
  • You will know the bottleneck of your service; if your employees are working fast enough, but the utensils aren't being cleaned fast enough, then customers may not be happy
  • You will know the demographics of the people who come into your store, which leads you to effectively shoot ads on Facebook when you try to acquire more customers.

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