Our turnkey service will help you labeling data for your AI system with AutoML features. We provide access to a skilled human workforce of trained professionals to help you finish the process as quickly as possible.

Accurately description

Accurately is an image data labeling platform that deploys powerful data labeling tools to save users time and money during the labeling process. Data is stored securely in cloud storage structures, where it can be easily accessed and managed by your team.

Whenever you store or publish an image, the image needs to be labeled. Not only that, but the components within the image need to be labeled as well. For example, let's say you have an image of a new product being used by a model. This product needs to be labeled correctly in order to leverage the benefits of Google Image Search and other search channels. To explore another example, consider an architectural survey image, with key elements that need to be accessed by designers and other team members. Comprehensive labeling makes such access and management simple.

In both these examples, there may be hundreds or even thousands of images that need to be processed in the future. This can create serious headaches for those teams who need to handle this manually. Through the utilization of powerful AI tools, Accurately reduces much of this labor, allowing your business to save time and money, without compromising data accuracy and integrity.

Accurately can be a lifesaver for online magazines and image banks that need to store vast amounts of images that need to be recalled instantly. The platform employs data labeling machine learning to improve itself constantly. The more images it stores, the better it becomes at providing accurate search results.

Data Wow uses the Accurately software program with AutoML features to make short work of the most complex data labeling task. The Accurately software includes a data annotation platform to train machine learning software to recognize images and elements of an image.

Data Labeling Outsourcing

Data Wow provides both the Accurately software and training for companies that want to use their in-house staff to maintain their image data banks.

But we also provide data labeling outsourcing in Bangkok for companies who either don't have the staff or simply would prefer experts to handle their valuable data. Data labeling outsourcing ensures that all your image data is maintained safely and securely without the need to hire additional staff. It’s a sensible choice for smaller image banks and other companies who place a high value on their image assets and want to maintain them in an extremely secure environment.

By using the machine learning data labeling tool, Data Wow provides fast and efficient data labeling services that are completely secure.

Growing Demand for Data Labeling Outsourcing in Thailand

As machine learning has become a valuable tool with many different applications, the business community of Thailand has begun to explore the many different uses of machine learning data labeling.

If your company is having image storage problems or is just seeking a more efficient way to sort your images, contact Data Wow to find out more about what using Accurately can mean for the company's efficient operation.

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