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AI and machine learning services are beginning to become popular across all the industry sectors of Thailand as companies seek to stay ahead of the competition. But there is a learning curve that comes with integrating these new and exciting technologies into your business model. Data Wow provides both the software, consulting and training services that allow your company to make a smooth transition into the use of these technologies.

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AI and machine learning services are huge fields. Your team might not be able to keep up with the changes in the technology used within these disciplines. Moreover, your business might be required to start a project that your team is not familiar with, and have no idea where to start. Or it can be something basic like your boss wants to know ROI or needs consultation on the direction of AI development in the company. Luckily, Data Wow provides AI and machine learning services in Thailand that can provide your company with the most advanced levels of AI and machine learning in use today.


Our data scientists in Bangkok are well-informed and keep tracking new research papers about the latest practices and trends in software development and machine learning services. We also host small R&D seminars on new techniques every week to keep our team informed with the latest trends in the data industry. We are also experienced in various industries and tasks from planning to implementing and maintenance.

Data Wow can offer an AI development consultation service and training that is specifically designed to address your team needs, both on-site and remotely.


  1. We provide a Data Wow Account Manager who checks your requirements and goals and then plans the staff-hours needed with you.
  2. We also provide a Data Scientist that knows your requirements and goals. The Data Scientist will form a working relationship with your key staff and will be conducting your consulting or training.
  3. We deliver a final report addressing the consulting or training/exam results, along with opportunities for improvement or a follow-up report when needed.

The End-Result

Your company and team will have well-informed, up-to-date information and use it to make better decisions related to AI in your business. Your team also will gain more skills from the training session and be up to speed on exactly what AI can provide for your particular industry.

Particularly when it comes to machine learning consulting services, Data Wow is unsurpassed in Thailand with the depth of our knowledge and experience in working with all types of industries in the country.

With machine learning improving in accuracy more and more every day, every company in Thailand should be looking to integrate this valuable tool into their workflow and processes. The AI and machine learning services in Bangkok offered by Data Wow, provide some of the most advanced functions of their kind in the field of computational analysis.

Serving the Thailand Business Community

By investing in a valuable partnership with Data Wow, you’ll never again have to trust your valuable data to a faceless, overseas company, or pay needlessly for services that don’t apply to your business model.

Data Wow can custom-tailor our software, consulting and training services to your type of business. You receive exactly the help you need to streamline your operational processes and make your business more cost-efficient and profitable. Your team will also thoroughly learn the ins and outs of these new technologies and may discover additional applications that can further enhance your company’s capabilities.

Contact us to learn more about the AI software development services offered by Data Wow and improve your company’s competitiveness in your industry.

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