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Many companies have a big chunk of data both useful and not useful while laws and regulations are stricter and stricter and threats to your data and business also keep increasing. It has proven to be very hard to balance data value with security and privacy. You are also subject to hefty penalties and fines or even reputation loss if you do not prepare.


Our team is working with a lot of data both personal identifiable information and non personal identifiable data across countries. We can help you set up a framework, do data inventory, set up proper standards and workflow, manage consent of your data subject, or even give a generic consultation.

Data security and privacy seem to be complex while in fact, when you get a grasp of it, it is not that hard to understand while your company will benefit a lot from data security and privacy which can open a lot of new doors for you.


  1. Account Manager checking your requirements and goals then planning man hours needed with you.
  2. A Data Security Expert that has knowledge of your requirements and goals will be doing consulting.
  3. Final report from consulting along with opportunity for improvement or follow-up report when needed.

The End-Result

Your company and team will have well-informed information and use it to make better decisions related to data security and privacy in your business. We can also help you set up a workflow that fits your business and comply with legal requirements.

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