Data Engineering and Pipeline Consultation and Training

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In the world that adequate data is no longer an issue, there is a new issue of how to make use of data we store to make a better business decision. Or just even managing a big chunk of data can be very difficult without prior experience.


Our Data Engineering team is an expert in the big data analytics field, they can help you design a big data pipeline or setup a workflow that will help your team or business work better. Moreover, we can help you to understand how you can make use of data better.

We are experienced and certified mostly on cloud infrastructure (AWS) but we can also give generic advice or training to on-premise solutions or other cloud services.


  1. Account Manager checking your requirements and goals then planning man hours needed with you.
  2. A Data Engineer that has knowledge of your requirements and goals will be doing consulting or training.
  3. Final report from consulting or training/exam results, along with opportunity for improvement or follow-up report when needed.

The End-Result

Your company and team will have well-informed information and use it to make better decisions related to big data in your business. Your team also will have more skills from the training session.

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