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Your company already has web or mobile applications but when the users grow, it is very slow and unstable. Your team does not have experience in a high load environment or optimization at low level such as a database layer before. Customers also keep getting frustrated.


Our team runs a lot of high load applications and understands how to optimize or improve performance in a very short time. We have experiences running social media applications that require a lot of read/write throughput at the same time and hundreds of servers or micro-services to run independently to serve our users. We familiarize ourselves with high throughput design such as caching and independent searching.

We also specialize in application performance monitoring especially with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and PostgreSQL to identify bottlenecks and solve them quickly.


  1. We tested several parts of your application and will turn in a performance testing report with recommendations.
  2. We do the planning and do the tuning together with your team while keeping monitoring the performance. As well as cost reduction opportunities.
  3. Tuning final report, monitoring and continuous improvement with your team.

The End-Result

You should be able to improve your customer experiences and improve your website or mobile application performance. While you might be able to reduce the number of servers in non-peak time as a cost saving opportunity as well.

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