Image recognition can be beneficial to your product or service especially from automatic classification, detection, or even function based recognition such as facial recognition. You might not have known how or technical team that is familiar with image recognition or the problem is harder than generic open-source can cope with.


Our team members have extensive experiences and skills for image recognition. We have proprietary image processing and recognition software, we can also use open source or third parties services such as AWS Rekognition or Microsoft Cognitive service to suit your needs and budget. The sample of tasks can analyze attributes in the image which include generic objects, customized objects, face, emotion, or even text. We can also customize our model to label images in the way that is special to your company. We also provide image labelling tools at


  1. Model built using our proprietary framework, an open-source framework,using third parties API for image recognition that returns prediction results in score.
  2. Setup model on to a cloud provider of your choice or on-premise server.
  3. Retraining, optimization, tuning, and monitoring your model performance.

The End-Result

Your services or products can leverage image recognition to increase output or customer satisfaction.

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