A lot of companies are not utilizing text data to a full extent as it might be time consuming or difficult to quantitatively measure. Methods or applications such as sentiment analysis, mining valuable information, or summarizing topic or meaning.


We use state of the art techniques that world leading companies are using for Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build models that understand Thai, English, and Japanese (or sometimes universal languages) and evaluate sentiment of your text such as customer feedback, content summarize, and etc.

We can automatically analyze your data feed in real-time such as customer feedback email, website on comment section, or even public data site such as Twitter feed or Facebook feed and alert you in real time when there is bad review.


  1. NLP Model that can predict sentimental, intention (purchasing or other things), or customized predictor.
  2. Model that can summarize the key phases or topics from the text.
  3. Full integration with your data sources and customized dashboard and alerting system

The End-Result

You can save money by interpreting large amounts of text data to an actionable plan. You might be able to create automated chatbot to answer with your customers later as well.

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