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You have a surge in documents or tasks you have to process during the long holidays and you have to spend a lot of time managing the temporary staff including retraining every time, dealing with a complex schedule, and workload. Moreover, you also need to do quality control and accountability.


Our team can provide you with a trained and experienced temporary workforce that has skills and knowledge fit what you are looking for. We also provide an Account Manager who will work with you to understand your requirements and expectations and keep managing the workforce to reach your needs. Either use for one or two days, it does not matter, next year we still remember your needs so you don’t need to go over it again. We also can scale our workforce very quickly from 1 person to 100 people possible within days.


  1. Human resources including training and management
  2. Dedicated Account Manager that will help ensure your project is on track
  3. Report and recommendations of the work done.

The End-Result

You don’t have to invest your time and money to process tasks that do not yield value for you. You can also scale this with minimal cost when you have high season.

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