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You have an user generated contents website or application and oftenly found that there are spammers and people fighting on your website or application leading to bad reputation and even illegal cyber crime laws. You also don’t have resources to do 24 hours moderation by yourself.


We can provide 24/7 content moderation services for photo, video, and text in three languages: Thai, English, and Japanese along with the AI solution to make sure your cost is lower further. Our moderators are experienced and trained, we are checking over 5M+ items per month.


  1. Moderators who monitor your website or application 24/7 while you paying per task
  2. API and documentation to integrate your system with us
  3. Customize and dedicated moderators also possible with additional cost

The End-Result

Your website and application will be safer and suitable for everyone. Your reputation and brand are also protected without breaking a bank.

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