Data Processing

The need to process vast amounts of raw data can be overwhelming for a company trying to maintain a low and manageable overhead. The data is essential to your company's successful operation. But you have to keep an eye on costs as well. Luckily, Data Wow can help your company achieve both objectives. We provide data processing services in Thailand that can ease the workload of Thailand-based companies. We provide software, training, consultation and outsourcing services that can make your data work for your company, instead of having to pour time and investment into your data processing.

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You collect a lot of data with many different systems, but you don’t know how to combine and process such huge data sizes. Your data processing workflow or infrastructure might not support this kind of big and complex operation, which leads to investment and workforce issues.


Our data engineering team can help you set up a data pipeline that is designed to take data from various sources, and turn it into a manageable data flow which can be used with many other applications such as analytic and data intelligence.

We can also help you set up a temporary cloud infrastructure to temporarily process your data and save large amounts of investment costs. We have data processing software in Bangkok that can efficiently and securely process your company’s data. Our data engineers are skilled and talented professionals who are certified with the AWS environment.

We also offer all these data processing technologies in Bangkok on an outsourced basis. If you would rather simply receive the statistical results from your data, instead of having to devote precious staff-hours to the data processing technology, we can perform the processing for you and allow you to focus on your business strengths.


  1. Design a Data Pipeline that fits your data processing needs.
  2. Deploy data processing infrastructure, both on-premise and on-cloud.
  3. Set up monitoring tools and alerting systems.

The End-Result

By partnering with our data processing services in Bangkok, your company can have a smooth and integrated data processing flow which can yield better returns. Data processing software is crucial to extracting the most useful information from your data to improve your company’s products and services.

Serving the Business Community of Thailand

Why not trust your data to a local company that you can establish a close working relationship with, rather than a faceless, overseas company? By using our data processing software in Thailand, you’ll be assured that your company’s data assets are in good hands.

Our data engineering team will always be in contact. We’ll always listen as your data needs and requirements change. We’ve been in business for four years, so we know about the growth process. We know growth comes with many uncertainties that demand to be addressed at a moment’s notice.

By taking advantage of our data processing technology in Thailand, you’ll be assured of stability, adaptability and reliability as your company expands and grows its product lines and services.

Contact Data Wow to find out more about what our data processing services can mean for the growth of your business.

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