Your company is storing and processing personal data but you are not sure how to handle them or did not have a proper control in place. This can lead into the huge penalty under the privacy laws such as Thailand PDPA or EU GDPR and losing trust from your customers and public.


We provide a full range of data privacy protections including AI that is designed for Thai PDPA that will scan all of your files and generate a report for compliance and risk level for you. Moreover, we also have a boilerplate for privacy policy that allows you to comply with the laws in a short time and convenience tools such as PDPA Request tracking system. We also have experts in data security and protection to help you create measures to prevent data leaking or loss.


  1. Risk report and compliance inspection
  2. Legal documents for your website and app, including tracking tool that will help you to never missed the request
  3. Expert to help you design and implement data privacy protection

The End-Result

Your company will be in compliance with laws and regulations while also improving best practices to protect your customers data.

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